My poor neglected blog... 

It is so long overdue for an update!

I had so many plans I wanted to do since 2020 but so much screeched to a halt. Not only with the state of the world and working in healthcare since the start of the pandemic but I experienced two very difficult losses of my loved ones and numerous health issues over the past few years and it has taken a very long time to process and start recovering from everything.

With the new year though, I was finally able to get a surgery I have been needing for a long time which I am now recovering from! Sadly it is about a 3 month recovery time total and very difficult day to day because it is so complex and involves many organs  so I am mostly bedridden for a while, but I am trying to take it one day at a time~ I spent about a week in the hospital after the procedure and only recently have been able to manage finally using my laptop again! (I was getting sooo sick of laying around with only television!)

But going forward to help pass the time I have been thinking of some creative projects I wish to do  I have been working on a zine as an outlet for my health experience to let out my thoughts and feelings which has been really helpful. For now I have a very tiny Illustration Shopjust for my comics/zines as well as sketchbook things! It is mostly free with the option to pay what you like if you wish to and I am excited to share some of my art finally even if I am not the most confident about it  I also want to do some cute and comfy relaxing creative things like perhaps let's play for some games I really love! And of course finally get back into blogging and some art when I am well enough

I was shocked upon getting home from the hospital that our cherry blossom and plum trees are already blooming!! It has been nice getting to see them through the windows while snuggling with my bunny Pancake  who has barely left my side since returning home. I love him so much and feel so lucky to have him during these times! Once I can move around I plan to take some photos of the blossoms and have some plans for picnics and for us to go to my favorite plant nursery for coffee~!

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