Art Gallery: The Lovely Macotic

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Today I am very excited to share an artist who I love so much and who makes such beautiful and dreamy creations!!

Please Meet The Lovely
So many stunning artworks eee!!

Each and every creation is incredible beyond words with the most heart-fluttering blending of colors and compositions that feel so peaceful and dreamy in the best of ways~

When I first came across Macotic's artwork I immediately fell in love!! Then, to my excitement, many pieces were available for purchase! 

I messaged Macotic asking if I may be permitted to purchase some pieces (it was difficult deciding as I loved them ALL). Macotic is so kind and not only allowed me to purchase internationally but even offered to paint a custom frame for each with a color of my choice!  So incredibly sweet!!

Once the package arrived, it truly felt like I was opening a box of magic 

Aaaah I am in tears from how beautiful everything is!! 
The colors are blended so softly and lovely, I cannot get over how dreamy each piece is~!
Macotic was even kind enough to include a super cute card including ぎょぴちゃん so cute!!

The entire process was one of the most positive experiences I ever had. Everything arrived super quickly and wrapped beautifully in such lovely packaging (I even kept the pastel box ehe!) and I look forward to purchasing more pieces again in the future!!

You can find Macotic's artwork on these sites:

Instagram ⋆
Tumblr ⋆

I hope you enjoy Macotic's creations as much as I do!! 

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